Thursday, May 2, 2013

John and Sarah Kingsnorth

I know from Harriet Kingsnorth's record of birth that her parents were John and Sarah Kingsnorth who was married in Staplehurst.

I've managed to find a record for John Kingsnorth and Sarah Marlow's marriage at All Saint's Staplehurst on 22 May 1786.

Interestingly, I  have also found a record of a John Kingsnorth marrying an Ann Lavender in 1770. There is also a burial record of Elizabeth, a daughter of John Kingsnorth in 1782 and a burial record of Ann Kingsnorth in 1784. It's possible this was John Kingsnorth's first marriage, but I can't be sure at this stage if it's the same John Kingsnorth. Judging from the parish records (as well as other primary sources) that was a popular family name.

All Saint's Staplehurst

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  1. What an interesting discovery about Ann Lavender. By the way, I love the header! Dad