Thursday, May 2, 2013

The mystery of Harriet Kingsnorth and Jesse Pullen's marriage

When I went looking for some of the details of Harriet and Jesse Pullen's marriage date, I found something very curious. There appear to be three records of their marriage in three different parishes in the month of October 1818. This discovery was quite accidental when I was searching on the IGI (the familysearch website). Here are the three entries which I think are most likely referring to the same couple.

1. Harriett Kingsworth and Jesse Pullen, 11 Oct 1818, Chartham, Kent.
2. Harriet Kingsworth and Jesse Pullen, 28 Oct 1818, New Romney, Kent.
3. Harriet Kingsnorth and Jesse Pullen,  28 Oct 1818, Margate, Kent.

All three parishes are a fair distance apart within Kent.

"Kingsworth" is a common transcription error I have encountered quite a few times now with this family, so I think it likely it is referring to the same couple. But perhaps there has been another transcription error made by the person compiling this database and Harriet and Jesse's names have been wrongly copied down in place of another couple who were married on the same day?

However, maybe it is possible that they registered their marriage at Chartham (which was close to Chilham, Jesse's hometown) before leaving for their new home in Margate alone?

It's an intriguing mystery and I will need to try and track down the actual parish registers to make sense of it. If there are any historians or genealogists who could help me out with this one, I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. No wonder there are so many errors in people's family trees. Not sure how counter terrorism experts would have coped with being sure of identities back in the 18th century.